Pulsar2 Minimal Stress

Modular System for Anterior and Posterior Segment.

Reliable, compact, safe, versatile, Pulsar2MinimalStress will meet any surgeons' desires, any institutions' needs.

A patented and unique phaco driver minimizes the ultrasonic energy delivered to the eye. The first step for "cool phaco & MICS".

Wide range of dedicated accessories for MICS: phaco needles for 1.0 up to 1.5 mm incision size, irrigating chopper, nucleus manipulator, capsulorhexis forceps and bimanual I/A probes.

First disposable U/S handpiece with built-in tip and sleeve. 100% safety, sterility and efficiency guaranteed.

Pneumatic guillotine cutters (disposable and reusable) up to 4000 cuts/min. ACC (Asymmetrical Cutting Cycle) prevents vitreous body traction.

Wide range of 23G dedicated accessories for Minimally Invasive Vitrectomy: high speed posterior vitreous cutter, round incision knife, infusion scleral cannula, microforceps, aspiration cannula, pics, endo-illuminating fiber optic probe.

New Xenon light source based on 5100°K High Efficiency HID lamp, for maximum light intensity and extended life span (50 times longer than standard halogen lamp).

Pulsar2 is equipped with a Venturi/Peristaltic pump system to fit any surgical technique and any surgeon preference. The user can switch in full flight between the two pumps during the different phases of the surgical procedure without need of changing the I/A tubing set (Reusable & Disposable versions available).

Software programmable footswitch with simultaneous double linear control (i.e U/S and Aspiration, Cutting and Aspiration etc.).

Wide observation angle screen. User friendly software with functions and control icons visible and easy to use.

Intuitive graphic layout. Critical pre-set values highlighted and visible at a glance. Pop-up windows for parameters set-up.

Stable Windows CE platform. No shut down procedure required (black-out proof).