Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress

Pulsar2 ESP: Modular System for Anterior and Posterior Segment Surgery

Innovative, compact, safe, reliable, Pulsar2ESP is the state of the art of the modular surgical workstation in Ophthalmology.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress is a double pump system (Venturi & Peristaltic), controlled through the EASYSYS , a one step insertion, single use I/A cassette. The user can switch in full flight between the two pumps during the different surgical phases without need of changing the I/A cassette.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress with has a patented and unique phaco driver, able to minimize/optimise the ultrasonic energy delivered to the eye. The most important step for Co-MICS, MICS and/or COOL Phaco.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress allows the surgeon the highest customization level in the U/S emission.In addition to the most common U/S emission modes such as Continuous, Pulsed and Burst, Pulsar2 ESP features the P.E.M. mode ( Programmable Emission Mode), the most complete way to program all factors involved in the U/S emission.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress updated the accessories range specifically designed for coaxial and non coaxial microsurgical techniques : Biconical U/S tips (incision range from 2,8 up to 2,2 mm), High Followability U/S tips, nucleus manipulators, , capsulorhexis micro forceps and incision size driven I/A probes.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress makes available also a single use U/S handpiece with U/S tip and sleeve pre-mounted as per surgeon preference. This eliminates the risk of contamination in case of surgical procedures performed on patient affected by serious infective pathologies, preserving the efficiency, sterility and safety.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress features a Vitrectomy section with a cutting rate from 60 up to 2.500 cuts/minute deliverable as Continuous Cutting, Single Cut or, upon request, Reverse Cutting. ACC (Asymmetrical Cutting Cycle) system avoids any negative effects on the vitreous body, such as tractions and/or fluctuations.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress features a complete accessories range for20G, 23G e 25G vitrectomy.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress operating functions are controlled by the programmable dual linear footpedal and/or by the touch screen..

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress features a user-friendly software with an intuitive graphic layout, upgradable via USB port.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress is ready for the connection with ECLIPSE video overlay.

Pulsar2 ESP Minimal Stress software is based on stable Windows CE platform. No shutdown procedure requested ( black-out proof).

VIT Module: Posterior segment surgery optional module.

VIT Module features:
- New Xenon Light Source based on 5100° Kelvin HID lamp;
- Forced infusion capability with Minimal IOP kit;
- Air Infusion;
- Viscous Fluids Injection;
- Pneumatic Scissors.