Keratron Onda

Corneal Topographer /Ocular Aberrometer Keratron™ Onda. The new generation of Optikon 2000 Autoref/Ker.

Introducing a new era in ocular diagnosis.

Keratron™ ONDA is a combination of a Corneal Topographer with the same features of the Optikon Corneal topographers product range and an Ocular Aberrometer to measure the refraction and aberration of the eye in different accommodation conditions.

In fact is the NEW generation of Autorefractometer/ Keratometer, giving not only refractive and keratometric values but the entire corneal and aberrations maps with different pupillary and accommodative conditions.

Today patients are demanding not only a good quantity of vision but also a satisfactory quality of vision.

Keratron™ ONDA gives answer when a good patient satisfaction is not achieved.

By the difference between the ocular and corneal aberration, the Internal Aberration is obtained to study IOL's cataract and other pathologies.

In case of displaced or tilted or rotated toric IOL it is possible to evaluate the efficacy of a reintervention.

The data, thanks to special software, are used to drive the lathes to produce Soft and GP contact lenses. The lens has different thickness in order to compensate low and high order aberrations.

In practice this method has been used with the customized ablation in refractive surgery with Excimer Lasers. In this case the Laser, driven by the corneal Topographer data, sends the ray in different corneal area to generate a new corneal profile without aberration.

With contact lens, on the contrary, there is no tissue ablation but the differential thickness of the lens will fill the cornea in order create a final aberration free corneal profile.

The ocular aberrations can be measured with Keratron™ ONDA with the lens wearied by the patient to evaluate its efficacy.

The aberration measurement also allows to simulate the quality of vision of a Snellen chart to better understand the final effect of the lens fitting.

Refraction is also measured in different accommodative conditions to better compensate far and near vision.

Residual accommodation is also measured in presbiopic patiens.

Pupil dynamic is registered and measured.

This parameter is used in refractive surgery, orthokeratology and presbiopic lens prescription.

In eyes with complex aberrations an ideal spectacle correction can be found by an optimization Max Strehl function. This can be particularly efficient with keratoconic patients on which it is particularly difficult to find by autorefractors or by manual search.

Keratron™ ONDA is a real new generation of Autorefractometers/ ometers.

Concerning prices there are good news since the cost is of the same order of a good Autorefractometer and Topographer.