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The Accuracy of 'Powers' Maps to Display Curvature Data in Corneal Topography Systems (Articolo in inglese)

To quantify the error introduced by videokeratographic corneal topography devices in using a paraxial formula to calculate power over the entire corneal surface, including areas removed from the central paraxial region where the formula is known to be invalid.


Apparent Pupil Displacement. (Articolo in inglese)

With videokeratography, the apparent position of the entrance pupil of some eyes is displaced by up to 0.5 mm from the center of the target ring image or the corneal map. This displacement occurs because of the alignment system and is not affected significantly by the corneal central radius of curvature, peripheral asphericity, or other shape parameters.


Characterization of the Inherit Error in a Spherically-Biased Corneal Topography System in Mapping a Radially Aspheric Surface (Articolo in inglese)

Accurate measurement of corneal topography is crucial for many clinical applications. Also, the human cornea is known to be an asphere. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to quantitatively evaluate the accuracy of the EyeSys Corneal Analysis System in measuring a radially aspheric test surface and characterize the error function.


Determination of Corneal Image-forming Properties From Corneal Topography (Articolo in inglese)

Quantitative corneal topographic information is now obtainable on irregular corneas, but is difficult for the clinicians to interpret. We developed a method to determine the spherical power, astigmatism, and topographic irregularity of a cornea by finding the best-fit spherocylinder that was closest to its measured topography.


Centering Corneal Surgical Procedures. (Articolo in inglese)

Currently used methods for centering corneal surgical procedures emphasize the visual axis of the eye but do not define it properly. We obtained the best optical result by centering the surgical procedure on the line of sight and entrance pupil of the eye, not on the visual axis.