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Il Keratron Scout e la Aberrometria (Profili tecnologici, tarature, limiti ed eccellenze).

Il Keratron Scout È un topografo corneale computerizzato portatile e modulare, che può essere usato per acquisizione manuale, o alloggiato su di una generica lampada a fessura mediante un adattatore a slitta, o per la topografia intra-operatoria, montato su un apposito braccio bilanciato e con coperture sterili mono-uso. Il Keratron Scout viene fornito con il software Scout interamente a 32-bit, che può essere mantenuto aggiornato scaricandolo dal sito Internet della Optikon.


AAO Congress 2002 Orlando, Florida (Articolo in inglese)

The participation of Optikon to the AAO 2002 Congress, which was held in Orlando from October 20th to 23rd, has been very satisfying even if the total number of attendees this year was lower compared to previous editions.


Sales and Service course held in Rome (Articolo in inglese)

In order to keep our distribution network updated about our product range, answer their questions and allow a hands-on training on our new instruments, Optikon regularly organizes courses for all our distributors; the most recent one was held in our premises from September 16th to September 20th, 2002.


Pupil Location under Mesopic, Photopic, and Pharmacologically. (Articolo in inglese)

PURPOSE: To determine whether there are systematic changes in pupil location with changes in the state of pupil size and with other ocular variables.


Corneal, Ocular and Internal Aberrations Before and After LASIK surgery (Articolo in inglese)

To evaluate the correlation between eye wavefront or 'Ocular-OPD', from a Shack-Hartmann wavefront analyser, and 'Corneal-OPD', from a reflective arc-step corneal topographer, on a set of low-aberration normal pre- and post- LASIK eyes. To evaluate the change in aberration pre-post LASIK with both methods. To map the 'Internal OPD' and to verify whether it remains stable before and after surgery.


Evaluation of Donor Tissue With a New Videokeratoscope. The Keratron Scout (Articolo in inglese)

To evaluate the percentage of corneas with an epithelial surface quality sufficient for a reliable screening of donor eyes with keratoconus and after photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) treatment for refractive errors.


Software Increased One OD's RGP Fits (Articolo in inglese)

Some time ago I wished for a way to fit RGP contact lenses without the need for extensive trial lens sets or empirically fitting lenses from Ks and refraction, which was less than satisfactory.


A New Clinical Instrument For The Early Detection Of Cataract Using Dynamic Light Scattering And Corneal Topography (Articolo in inglese)

A growing cataract can be detected at the molecular level using the technique of dynamic light scattering (DLS). However, the success of this method in clinical use depends upon the precise control of the scattering volume inside a patient's eye and especially during patient's repeat visits.


EIKON: Rigid gas permeable contact lenses produced by electronic cast 'Calco' of the cornea.

Calco' lenses are the result of an innovative process developed for the design, realization and fitting of rigid gas permeable contact lenses; the design of the lens traces the morphology of the cornea on which they will be fitted.


LAC RGP HORUS E IL TOPOGRAFO CORNEALE - Una soluzione integrata moderna ed efficace

Negli ultimi anni si È parlato molto dei progressi tecnologici avvenuti nella produzione delle lac morbide, ma non meno importanti sono stati gli avanzamenti registrati nella contattologia rigida gas permeabile.


The Cornea is Not a Piece of Plastic (Articolo in inglese)

The future of laser refractive surgery is exciting with the potential for ever-improved postoperative visual performance. In the past, the operative goal has been 20/20 uncorrected visual acuity with zero residual refractive error. Criteria for a successful procedure are no longer 20/40 or better with ±1.00 diopter (D) of residual refractive error, because neither surgeons nor patients are satisfied with such gross measurements of visual performance.